Who we are and what we stand for

We are ON-THE-ROAD, an NGO dedicated for progress of the trucking community in India.  We are the only NGO in India, that dedicates itself to the betterment and upliftment of the trucking community.  We want to work closely with government agencies, corporations, businesses and individuals who believe that trucks and truckers are the true backbone of the economy and are an unrecognized component of the national industrial machine.

But today, the whole community is at-risk and enormously mistreated. The community is often looked down upon and there is minimal pride and nobility associated with the profession.  The current generation of truckers are slowly losing their drive for the job after years of driving has left their bodies damaged and years of repression and mistreatment has left their spirits shattered.

We are team of young, dedicated, and enthusiastic Individuals who want to change the face of trucking community in India.  We create campaigns, projects, and programmes to promote betterment of the trucking community.

Our approach isn’t sanitized and disconnected, we want to emphasize the humanity of our mission, the human-connect, i.e., meeting with every trucker personally and working with them to identify solutions for them.

Our projects are dynamic, technology lead, data driven and completed with swiftness and accuracy.  We want to build a community that is healthy, financially robust, and is respected by society and the nation.


To passionately create opportunities that encourages the social, financial, and human development of the trucking community.


To positively transform lives of all the members of trucking community in India.